Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Plan of Attack

I have just returned from spring break, so I have only briefly thought about my plan of attack for my final project. Furthermore Over the past few months whilst being at Clemson I have collaborated hundreds of photos of Clemson and other Cities and spring break has helped add many more photos. 

I am currently dividing my photos of the United States thus far, and picking the ones of which will be included into my final project. I am including many cultural pictures and excluding many pictures of me drinking. 

My final project will depict the differences of Clemson to other Cities around the US, and then comparing the two to the Culture of Australia. I am looking forward to working and completing this final project, as I am confident I can depict the cultural differences of the two different country’s to anyone whom will watch my final project video.
Of the three different video’s I am making, I have already chosen the main topic, for example:
  • A personal reflecting on the host culture – I will be discussing Clemson in comparison to UniSA (My host University back home in Adelaide, South Australia)
  • A professional video to do with my major – I will be comparing traffic congestion and public transport of the two country’s
  • public issue video

I am planning to have these videos done within the next few weeks, so be patient and I hope my video will achieve the goal of comparing the cultures of Australia to the US.

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