Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Digital Photographs

Pat Wright video explained many different aspects that can be used to alter images in different ways. I was very interested in these techniques as I was astounded to realise how many different views and looks you can get of the same image with different angles and colours. The only techniques I used in the past were zoom and flash. I was very keen to try some of these techniques and to learn better ways to take a quality photograph.

Some of the techniques I tried include:

Low to high angle photo showing Carlisle, Andrew and myself (from right to left), three Australians currently studying at Clemson. This angle helps depict us a more bigger and powerful, which is why I like this photo.

This picture is a close picture, where the whole image is focused on one object. This image is of the Philips arena logo, the home basketball stadium of the Atlanta Hawks, of which we watched them play against the Miami Heat.

The image below is considered a far image where the focal point (the Hollywood sign) is small in comparison to the whole picture. This picture was taken in Los Angela’s, where we arrived first from Australia before heading to Clemson.

The image below is an example of vertical photography. The vertical photography helps emphasis the large size of this beer mug. We had these beers at a German bar in Atlanta.

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