Monday, February 28, 2011

McDonalds aka Maccas

There are a few differences between the Maccas back home and the Maccas in the United States.  The food on the menu is basically similar but the difference is in the advertisement of the famous McDonalds sign, the advertisement of the menu and also the sizing of the meals. 

Upon investigation of the US website, there is a massive Angus burger and wrap in the middle of the screen being advertised with words “seize the bold” next to it. This type of advertising is trying to encourage the viewer to become hungry and to entice them to buy one of their massive meat based burgers. The advertising to me has negative effect, the picture looks very dull and I believe the picture is emphasizing that Maccas has burgers full of meat and fat.  

The Australia website goes straight into the menu and has a large picture of a healthier looking chicken wrap. This type of advertising is trying to illustrate that Maccas isn’t that unhealthy and makes it look healthier with clear picture of tomato, lettuce and grilled chicken. I find this advertising more encouraging as it illustrates more that McDonalds is a bit healthier and is not only meat and fat (unfortunately i am unable to get a pic of it). 

There are a few differences between the Maccas in Australia and the Maccas in the United States, firstly the most obvious is that the menu has not small size. On my first experience to Maccas near Nashville, I was in the drive-thru trying to acquire a small meal, unfortunately 5 minutes later and being required to drive face to face with the worker to order, I was able to find out that regular is the smallest size. After ordering a regular it is clear the cup size of the soft drink was a fair bit larger than the regular cup back home. Not only was this the case but when eating inside, the maccas in the states offers free refills where back home it is very hard to find any type of fast food which offers that type of luxury.

Another difference is the advertising of the famous Maccas logo ‘the big M’. In the states many of the maccas have massive high and bright Maccas logo’s that can be seen from many distances away. Back home due to height restriction and such, this is not the case.  Another difference in the states is that Political correctness of America, in that it is by far the most politically correct. The political correctness is so extreme that McDonald’s restaurants don’t sell "white coffee" or "black coffee." They sell "coffee with cream" and "coffee without cream."

Overall the advertising and cultural differences of Maccas between the two countries are much vaster than what I thought before travel here to the states. The major difference I believe is that the advertising Is very different, In the states the advertisement is emphasising on the amount of meat you get in the burger for such a little price, whereas in Australia the advertising is always on tick approved meals that are lower in calories and fat than the regular ‘big mac’ or other similar burgers.

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