Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Video Aspect

I was trying to suss out how to achieve a quality video for my final project and decided to capture firsthand what the first cultural differences of the US was to me when first arriving to the States.  For example, when I first arrived to the states I was astounded of the amount of fast food restaurants there are around the place and all the different types of fast food restaurants. I will compare a street of America to a street of Australia, where we only have few of the fast food restaurants that are here in the States. 

 I will also focus a lot on the language barrier between the two countries and the different words that I did not understand once arriving in the states. I will also focus on the words that people did not understand in my vocabulary. I am thinking of incorporating a video of my interpretation of American tourism adverts, (ads showing in other countries, showing the States and trying to improve tourism). I may also point all the stereotypically wrong points that the Australian tourism adverts that where shown here in the United States. For example, the ad below of Paul Hogan trying to promote Australia has many stereotypical aspects of which Australians don’t do. 

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